Hidden Voices

Editor: Kristofer Neely

Softcover (ISBN: 1-891885-44-8 )

Hidden Voices is an anthology of creative writing by clients and friends of Piedmont Care Inc., the non-profit agency in Spartanburg that serves HIV+ people and their families.

Publication Date: Oct 2005
Dimensions: 9 x 9 in.
90 pages

Hub City writer-in-residence Kristofer Neely spent four months in a creative writing project working with people whose lives have been affected by AIDS and HIV. The book includes poetry, pieces of memoir, and artwork.

“This book reminds us of all the ways we can become one of the marginalized, all the ways we must share responsibility for those who have been forced onto the periphery of family or larger community,” writes poet Cathy Smith Bowers in her introduction to the book.

“Within these pages are supplications for compassion and understanding from an HIV-positive African American female; a grieving brother who ‘will never forget changing big brother’s diaper’; remorse of a worker who ‘made it hard’ for an infected colleague; a son’s reverence, honor, and gratitude for a mother who did not turn away.”

Hidden Voices celebrates the tenth anniversary of the work of Piedmont Care, and the project is partially underwritten by the Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg.

Kristofer Neely

Kristofer Neely

A creative writer and a visual artist, Kris Neely is assistant dean of the arts at Wofford College. He holds a BA in religion from Wofford (2002)and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College with an emphasis on community-based art. His art studio in Spartanburg is called Wet Paint Syndrome.