Hub for the Holidays

Editors: John Cribb, Kari Jackson

Photography: Ian Curcio

Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-891885-42-6 )

The thirty-three true stories in Hub for the Holidays celebrate the season, with essays on Christmas at Glendale, along the Lawson's Fork, and atop the First Baptist Church roof, tales of long-held traditions, modern takes on family, and hints of snow, if only imagined

Publication Date: Nov 2013
Dimensions: 7 x 11 in.
200 pages

Throw another log on the fire, fill your mug with hot chocolate, and settle into your favorite chair with a book full of memories of Christmas in Spartanburg.

In 1997, the Hub City Writers Project published its first collection of holiday essays to gather a chorus of voices celebrating the season in our Southern town. Sixteen years later, we asked a new generation of Spartanburg writers to share their personal stories, from the Eastside to the Westside, from Morgan Square to Pacolet, from the Lawson's Fork to the Tyger River.

What is Christmas in Spartanburg County? It's friends arriving with fried peach pies, artichoke dip, and Piedmont Club eggnog in hand. It's trudging into the woods to find the perfect cedar tree and dressing it with silver icicles. It's a sunset behind the Blue Ridge Mountains as the old mill bell rings in the yuletide. It's waiting and waiting for snow, dreaming up snowstorms while watching the sky for the silhouette of a sleigh.

Christmas here means finding unexpected gifts in places familiar and surprising: on the roof of the First Baptist Church on Main Street, in the presence of a blue-tinted aluminum tree lit by floodlights, or inside a big green "mistletoe barrel" with your first crush. Whether you are new to Spartanburg or have spent every one of your Christmases here, the thirty-three writers in this collection will remind you that there's no place like Hub City for the holidays.

Contributors: Cynthia Boiter, Bob Bourguignon, Rob Brown, Peter Bishop Caster, Linda Cobb, Julie Schweitert Collazo, Dicksie J. Cribb, Josette Williams Davison, Edwin C. Epps, Randy Ferebee, Malinda Fillingim, Christopher George, Eph Goodloe, Erin Haire, Beatrice Hill, Ashley Holt, Crystal Irby, Nannie Jeffries, Dorothy Chapman Josey, Anne Lambert, Charles Lindsay, Celina Means, Dawn Johnson Mitchell, Kam Neely, Merianna Neely, Mickey A. Pierce, Bertice Teague Robinson, Catherine Robe Schumacher, Susan A. Sistare, Daniel Cross Turner, JP Williams, Dick Willis and Susan Willis Dunlap, and Stephen Willis

John Cribb

John Cribb

John Cribb lives and writes in Spartanburg, where he is a member of the Hub City Writers Project advisory board. The American Patriot's Almanac, which he coauthored, was a New York times bestseller. His work has ranged from speechwriting to co-editing a three-volume world history textbook. John's writing has been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, National Review Online, and several other publications.

Kari Jackson

Kari Jackson

Kari Jackson was Assistant Director of the Hub City Writers Project from 2010-2013, during which she fell in love with the landscape and the people of Spartanburg. Her poetry and essays have appeared in the Flint Hills Review, South Loop Review, Touchstone, and others. She now teaches and writes from her hometown of Hutchinson, Kansas.