Seeing Spartanburg

Author: Philip N. Racine

Softcover (ISBN: 1-891885-10-3 )

Loaded with historic Spartanburg photographs and objects, Seeing Spartanburg: A History in Images, is a 376-page, large-format book that is Hub City's best-selling title.

Publication Date: Nov 1999
Dimensions: 9 x 11 in.
376 pages

Racine's took him to the Library of Congress and the National Archives and to the homes and offices of many citizens of Spartanburg. Inside the pages of this book are the images of world-renowned photographers Dorothea Lange and Jack Delano and local professionals Alfred T. Willis, Harry White and others. There is a gallery of Spartanburg's mighty men and influential women, her colorful characters and earnest faces, her children at play and citizens at work. There are construction projects and demolitions, local triumphs and tragedies, boom years and hard times. Seeing Spartanburg traces Spartanburg's history from its beginnings during the Colonial period, through the boom years of the early twentieth century and the hard days of war and depression, to the dynamic growth of the present era. Filled with images that are often poignant, sometimes surprising, and always rewarding, Seeing Spartanburg is a visual record of the life of one Southern city.

Philip N. Racine

Philip N. Racine

Philip N. Racine, originally from Brunswick, Maine, is the retired chairman of the Wofford College history department. Racine is also the author or editor of Spartanburg County: A Pictorial History, Piedmont Farmer: The Journals of David Golightly Harris 1855-1870, "Unspoiled Heart": The Journal of Charles Mattocks of the 17th Maine and Gentleman Merchants.

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