Two South Carolina Plays

Author: Jon Tuttle

Softcover (ISBN: 978-1891885-65-52 )

This volume includes two of John Tuttle's plays--with accompanying essays by eminent local historians--that recall moments in South Carolina's forgotten past

Publication Date: Jun 2009
Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.
200 pages

The White Problem gives voice to Richard Greener, the first African-American professor at the University of South Carolina, and Holy Ghost explores the strange racial and political dynamics in a lowcountry POW camp during World War II.

Advance Praise

In these two thoughtful plays, Jon Tuttle has captured one of the central themes of South Carolina history-the interaction of blacks and whites. Like the dramatists of ancient Greece, he has us come face to face with moral dilemmas in our society. The resulting denouement in both plays is absolutely riveting. --Walter Edgar, author of South Carolina: A History

This fascinating collection, framed by two plays that trace two very distinct but complementary paths from idealism to disillusionment, teaches us much about the communities to which we choose to belong, those to which we are forced to belong, and the compromises that we make to find both individual and collective acceptance. --Mark Charney, Clemson University

Whether historical or modern, Jon Tuttle's characters ring true. Their humanity never seems forced. They jump off the page and stand as real people dealing with the fascinating world the playwright has put them in. --Jim Thigpen, Artistic Director, Trustus Theatre

John Tuttle

John Tuttle

John Tuttle is Professor of English and Trustees' Research Scholar at Francis Marion University and Literary Manager/Playwright-in-Residence at Trustus Theatre. His other published plays include The Hammerstone and Terminal Café (Dramatists Play Service), A Fish Story (Samuel French, Inc.), and Drift and Sonata for Armadillos (Playscripts, Inc.).