A Good Mule is Hard to Find

Author: Kirk H. Neely

Softcover (ISBN: 978-1-891885-67-9 )

These fifty country tales are about Kirk Neely's neck of the woods-the Blue Ridge Mountains, the rivers of the Piedmont, the cotton mills, and the lumberyard.

Publication Date: Oct 2009
Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.
200 pages

Down on his luck, a farmer raffles off a dead mule. While preparing a Sunday dinner, a woman finds her lost diamond in a chicken gizzard. A litter of orphaned baby possums finds a home. Just like his blue jeans after an adventure in Dead Horse Canyon, Kirk Neely's tales are caked with red clay.

Neely, a much beloved pastor from Spartanburg, writes about the ordinary -- casseroles and sweet tea, black bears and beagle dogs, WD-40 and Duct Tape, Tabasco Sauce and fatback. Accompanied by striking pen and ink sketches by his nephew, Emory Cash, these stories will make you laugh out loud; others will bring a tear to your eye.

A Good Mule is Hard to Find should be a fixture in every mountain cabin and every beach house. Steeped in Southern charm and down-home lore, this volume promises to be a keeper.

Kirk Neely

Kirk Neely

Neely is the author of Comfort & Joy: Nine Stories for Christmas (Hub City Press, 2006) and When Grief Comes: Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow (Baker Publishing Group, 2007). He is pastor at Morningside Baptist Church in Spartanburg.